About us

The Shayonam is India based company started in 2019 by few friends.

We are the network of IT professionals working in IT industry in various roles since years. Our approach is different then the conventional IT service company, Staffing, Freelancing, community.

We are passionate to create software sculptures with passion and software craftsmanship. From the very beginning, we have focused on creating the ecosystem that would connects the software craftsman. And we have been succeeded.


In 2019, few friends, working in IT industry since years in various roles gathered. They all had the experience of working in conventional IT service company, MNC, Freelancing, Product company, Startup…etc. They had the experience of pains, struggles in IT project lifecycle in various size of project with different complexity.

The agenda was to brainstorm on designing a work model by which each person contributing to IT project gets true contribution advantage, work satisfaction, growth at the same time deliver well crafted IT solution, with most suitable technology which make the customer successful.

How to overcome the challenges of IT projects?

Discussion was on factors which stop the technology to transform the business to growth.

  • High cost of low competency involves in the IT project.
  • Project overloading on resources impact on IT project.
  • Multi tasking.
  • Misalignment of Role and competency impact on quality, time, and delivery.
  • Absence in alignment of mix competencies required for the project.
  • Capital expenditure and operational expenditure continuously increate the cost of IT project.
  • Continuous resource movement / turnover in IT company.
  • Readiness of the reusable IT stuff to reduce the cost and time and deliver standard quality
  • Absence of Standard processes
  • Organization has not the continuous learning, innovation culture.
  • Team is not highly motivated with Agile fundamentals.
  • Lack of usage of supporting skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques (for BA, UX/UI, Agile, Scrum…)
  • Limitations of competency in case of freelancers. 

Our mission is to overcome these limitations or dominating factors of any IT project, and which do not create the value for the business.

How to overcome the myths in the market?

Had a discussion on how we can overcome the few myths:

  • “Quality is expensive and time consuming”
  • “Creativity is costly”
  • “Innovation is exceptional”
  • “Creativity, innovation requires hard work and years’ experience”
  • “Trust & Transparency are rare. We must be professional in business”
  • “Customer is god. Blindly follow on whatever he says, needs, suggests”

The philosophy was clear

  • How we can design true technology solutions and service with craftsmanship which make customer successful?
  • While designing the IT services and solutions, how we can align and give maximum advantage to solution designer, developer, customer and consumer for:
    • UX in Design
    • UX with Data
    • UX Service
    • UX Solutions
    • Agile
    • Agility
    • Standard Process
    • Research and Innovation 
    • Standard frameworks for rapid, quality development
  • How we can make the IT solution and service engineers, contributors – a true business owner or entrepreneur without having a skill, knowledge, and ecosystem for business?
  • How better we can create the network of the IT enthusiastic who are keen to deliver the software with the craftsmanship?
  • How we can give an opportunity and advantage of competency contribution to everyone by making them a project partner?

The Mission was

  • Everyone joining in the network becomes entrepreneur by contributing his/her competencies as a project partner and getting the reward for it.
  • To facilitate everyone to grow professionally as an IT craftsman.
  • To make everyone customer success partner with collaborative efforts

The result of brainstorming is SCS network

We create or assemble the best IT services & solutions, experts, and global agencies from the IT community.

We welcome everyone for variety of roles in SCS network for IT service and Solution.

Whether anyone is Software engineer, Graphic Designer, UX designer, IT Support engineer, Strategist, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach…we welcome everyone.

We are a distributed team. We are committed to make everyone partner in IT project with inclusive efforts of Craftsmanship, Agile, Agility, User Experience.

And our common goal is to democratize software development so that everyone is benefitted.

How we do?

We constantly work for making the frameworks, optimizing the platforms for rapid development and quality delivery to the customer to make him successful in this highly competitive market by creating, upgrading and aligning the competences on project.

Competencies we have

  • BI
  • Data Engineering
  • Big Data
  • MS 365
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Open Source

What we serve?

  • Web Application
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Solutions and services on Platform like MS 365, WordPress, Power BI
  • Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud
  • Agile Product Management
  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Training
  • UX, CX, UI
  • BA


Change is the only constant thing in this global market. Quick respond to the change is the vital for the business. Team with the versatile competency is the catalyst in the success. In 2020, many new scenario, challenges and opportunities come up. We assure to make your IT journey comfortable.


  • We are a place to innovate, improve, learn, and grow – as a team.
  • We are hungry for challenges
  • We are hungry for innovation
  • We are honest to accept the feedbacks and improve.


  • Craftsmanship
  • Passion
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Transparency