just relax, we are with you

Remote delivery of IT solution has been unavoidable since last many years. But now it becomes obvious from 2020. Businesses must re-imagine their business processes, customer engagement, marketing strategy…etc. We can assure, we will be your success partner in this journey.

let us create the success story

Competent software craftsmen

We are creating a unique IT solution masterpiece with software craftsmanship.

In depth tech knowledge, expertise to utilise the right tool at the right time at the right place.

We are a team of technology veterans, keeping ourselves always align with the tech community.

Its not about engineering only. We are constantly upgrading the knowledge of UX, Agile, Scrum, Product development, Business acumen…etc which make us identical from others.

Let our tech devotee to help you from product ideation to launch.

our competencies

Big Data Engineering Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Data Proc, Cloud Functions, Lambda, Kinesis
BI & Analytical Reporting Data Studio 360, Power BI, Tabulo, Web BI 
Artificial Intelligence Spark MLlib, Tensorflow, PyTorch
Data Platforms BigQuery, DataStore, Redshift, MSSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Hive, Impala, Firebase
Infrastructure AWS, Azure, Google, On-Premise

Python RPA, UIPath

DevOps Azure DevOps, Kubernetes
Web Apps Python, MVC .Net Core
Integration Platforms Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Twillio

why we should be a success partner

  • Right allocation. We align the dedicated and right competency as per your business needs.
  • We are honest. If we assign the competency dedicated to you, it means it is dedicated to you only.
  • Passionate for challenges. We welcome any technology challenges our customer faces.
  • Your business & customer are at center. We make sure that what we deliver creates business value for you.