Data Engineering

data is now capital and center of business

Data is growing faster than ever before. There’s more data than ever before.

Data is more valuable to each function of your company: Sales, marketing, finance and other areas of the business are using data to be more innovative and more effective.

You might use many application and system of various technologies those create the data. You might use range of technologies for their data: including relational databases, Hadoop, and NoSQL.

If you are finding ways to use your data:

  • To understand the current state of the business
  • To predict the future
  • To analyze the trend
  • To model their customers
  • To prevent threats
  • To mitigate the risks
  • To create new products

Our Data engineering expertise will help to create the cutting-edge data solutions which put you ahead in the market.

Effectively and Efficiently address the data challenges in your organization.

By our Data engineering capabilities, it is possible for consumers of your data, such as analysts, data scientists, and executives – to reliably, quickly, and securely inspect all the data available.

As your data becomes more complex, and as the demands for your data increases, our data engineering experience will be the catalyst in your business success.

building a robust data infrastructure to power your digital initiatives

  • Data lake design and implementation
  • Multiple model deployment: In premise, cloud and hybrid
  • Real time, near real-time and historical data processing for analytics and AI/ML

We review your current data architecture to analyze data sources and define data lakes or DWHs

There are many tools to work with data. New data technologies emerge frequently with new challenges and capabilities.

We help to select the right tools and technology and the most efficient ways to access and manipulate your data.

data pipelines

  • Design and development of data pipelines (ETL)
  • Design and development of data solution/product
  • DQM (Data Quality Management)
  • Store design and development

We help in developing data pipelines, either from scratch or using the services provided by major cloud platform vendors.

While creating the data pipeline, we identify right data source, clean it, analyze, model without losing the data value, granularity.

We deal with every aspect of data management: data storage, data preparation, implementing Machine Learning, Computational Algorithms at scale.

design and development of data governance solutions

  • Design and implementation of data governance solutions to enforce data policies (e.g. GDPR compliance)
  • Design and implementation of data ownership, and access policies
  • Data security audits

We help to implement enterprise data policies and compliance requirements:

  • Track and manage your data assets
  • Classify sensitive data
  • Mask sensitive data
  • Create granular data access policies
  • We assist to create the path for golden data
  • One view of your golden data
  • Audit trail of your golden data

ongoing management, support and enablement of data access

  • Create, access, and update data across a different data sources layer
  • Store data on multiple clouds and on premises
  • Provision high availability and disaster recovery
  • Provision data privacy and security
  • Archive and destroy data as per organization’s compliance requirement.
  • Data Lake and RDBMS Management
  • DBA Services
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Support

Our data management service addresses the activity of users and administrators, the capabilities of data management technologies, the demands of regulatory requirements, and the needs of the organization to obtain value from its data.

We help people, organizations, and connected things optimize the use of data.

data analytics

  • BI Strategy workshop
  • KPI definitions
  •  Insights
  • Self Service BI
  • BI embedding in legacy applications

Business-focused approach to data engineering to align analytics and technology.

We can help you with our BI expertise to:

  • increase revenues
  • improve operational efficiency
  • optimize marketing campaigns
  • improve customer service
  • respond quickly to emerging market trends
  • gain a competitive edge

data engineering services

  • Assessment
  • Architecture definition
  • Cloud Migration
  • BI/EDW Design
  • Engineering Services
  • Data Infrastructure Support
  • BI Support
  • Compliance Assessment
  • GDPR
  • PCI
  • Cloud Security

Uncover the intelligence in your data gold mine with end-to-end Data Engineering Services: data collection, data processing and the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process, data cleaning and structuring, data visualization and building predictive models on the top of data.

For us, data collection and analysis is not just service listed in our offerings. Our data services create value for business where it does not exist previously.