Enterprise Data Platform

the perfect complement to data strategies

Let “Enterprise Data Platform” “In” & “Data Lakes” “Out”. The all conversation should move from “I need a data lake” to “let us build an enterprise data platform.”

An Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) is a set of integrated repositories: Operational data store, Data warehouse, Data Mart. EDP aggregates data from the all applications into a consistent structure and context.  

For the data driven organizations an EDP ensure that business users can consume the data stored within the EDP to make better decisions to improve the process and business growth. EDP gives a single, uniform view of data, which is accessible to manipulate and analysed by variety of tools and methods to meet the organization needs.

We help you to provision the best EDP as per your needs.

all enterprise data at your fingertips

  • EDP Consulting
  • EDP design,
  • EDP implementation
  • EDP support
  • Data warehouse migration
  • Event-driven data platform architecture
  • Data management and governance
  • Data integration
  • Data security

EDP has many advantages:

  • Serves as a reliable, single and centralized data source
  • Provision insulation layer to protect users and apps from the impact of changes.
  • Reduce cost of adding new application.
  • Provides reliable data source for other applications and external sources.
  • IT integration effort and complexity are greatly reduced.
  • EDP is a single repository of data, enabling the distribution of complete, consistent data sets for analytics.

We help you create a scalable, reliable and self-service data platform.

your data, your business, your metrics

  • Self-service BI
  • Customer Insights
  • A 360° view of your customer
  • Tell a story with your data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Market insights
  • Data visualization

Business intelligence built on EDP is a new approach to BI tools. Its all about building a data culture.

Love your analytics:

  • System activity analytics
  • Embed analytics at your legacy applications
  • Analyze data easily with any BI tool
  • Dashboards that let you go deeper
  • Dashboard that gives many experiences
  • Drill down to answer more questions
  • Insights that inspire data driven decision
  • Unique visualizations as per your business KPI
  • Gain a unified, granular view of all enterprise data and data sources.

anytime, anywhere and for anyone, data will be at fingertip

  • Enterprise search
  • Enterprise Intranet
  • AI integration

An EDP is an integrated technology solution that allows single, central data source delivered to users, data applications, or other technologies for strategic business purposes.

Benefits of EDP:

  • Make data available to those with proper permissions and improve data governance.
  • Allow data governance: What data is collected? Who can access it?, When data is expired?
  • Modern authentication methods
  • Deliver Dashboards, reports, proactive alters
  • Single centralized database
  • Simplify vendor management
  • Provision golden customer record.