Presence Detection with Attention


Nowadays, Education is becoming more over Virtual Learning System instead of Premise based learning. ​

As Virtual Learning comes up, the challenges are also raised. The problem behind this approach is to identify student/candidate presence and attention over online classes/meetings.


Presence Detection with Attention is Web based virtual classroom where students can join teacher’s virtual classroom meeting.

A complete automation solution with the can candidate’s presence with its attention percentage.

It is a custom AI based strategy to automate entire virtual classroom stuff without requiring human intervention.

how it works

Data Extraction​

Extract data with AI scanner to understand their structure, pattern, and potential meaning.​

Validation and Correction​

System will choose the most suitable ones based on their confidence score followed by AI based correction


  • Save human time and cost
  • Faster ROI
  • Streamline process
  • Free up resources
  • Cloud based app​: ​Anywhere​ – Any time